感謝您申請 T2COMSA 會員,以下為繳交會費帳戶資訊,
Thank you for applying for T2COMSA membership. The following is the information about payment for the membership.

戶名 Account Name: 台灣理論計算分子科學學會江志強
銀行代碼 Bamk Code (郵局) : 700
帳號 Account No: 0001236-0667461

常年會費 Annual membership fee:

學生會員 Student Member: 300 NTD
個人會員 Individual Member: 1,000 NTD
團體會員 Group Member: 10,000 NTD

匯款完成後,麻煩您掃描匯款收據或提供您的銀行帳號末五碼,寄至 信箱。
After the remittance is completed, please scan the remittance receipt or provide the last five numbers of your bank account, and send it to

After the administrator confirms your identity and payment details, you will receive an informing letter, please keep attention to your mailbox. Thank you!

台灣理論計算分子科學學會 系統管理員 Administrator of T2COMSA